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Martin Potter, In Satan’s Slave with a Nail File in his Eyeball

Martin Potter, in Satan's Slave, with a Nail File in His Eyeball

If you look carefully, you can see the edge of the prosthetic ('stuck on') piece along the top of Martin's cheek bone, where the foam rubber edge has puckered slightly.

The whole piece consisted of an acrylic false eye, chosen to match the Actor's eye colour, that had a tiny hole drilled in it, with a thin tube attached. Individual human hair was painstakingly punched into the foam rubber to create a replica of Martin's distinctive eyebrow.

The cut off nail file was inserted into a small groove cut into the acrylic eyeball, that crossed the tiny hole. During the take, Robin was crouched down, out of shot, pumping a syringe filled with Make-Up Blood attached to the other end of the tube, so the blood spurted out.


Robin, on the Set of the Very First Star Wars, Fixing Greedo's Eyes in Place

Robin Fixing Greedo's Eyes in Place on te Set of Star Wars

Greedo's full head mask was slipped onto Actor Paul Blake's head and the split up the back closed with velcro. For his comfort the eyes were only inserted before each shot and removed afterwards.

The eyes were made from thin, stiff green plastic vacuum-formed to make the round shape. A small lip around the outside had to be eased into a thin groove in the foam rubber, for which Robin used a fine dental tool that had belonged to his Father who had had a friend who was a Dental Technician.

’The Fly’, from the Cantina Scene in Star Wars

'The Fly'from the Star Wars Cantina Scene

Robin also created The Fly in the Cantina. In this shot you can clearly see the stretched ladies tights material used to create the rectilinear effect of a fly's huge eyes (that's why they are so difficult to swat). 

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