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About Us


We are an online Sellers of LED Lit Mirrors and associated accessories.

We believe fundamentally in treating our Customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves and that doesn’t just mean being courteous, prompt and fair it is also an integral part of our ethic that we will not try to con our Customers with LOW prices then hit them with a hefty DELIVERY charge – the PRICE YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY – NOTHING MORE.

If we order something we want it the very NEXT DAY, if we have to RETURN it we don’t want to have to pay any extra for it and that is what we do for you, dear Customer.


The founder and Managing Director of See My Soul Ltd. Is Robin Grantham and the Technical Director is Mayur Fuletra.

Robin Grantham, Founder & MD and Mayur Fuletra Technical Director

The company was formed in May 2015

Company number: 095 829 55

Company Type: Private Limited by Shares

Companies House Submission Number: 033-750695

Company Registered Address:

122 North Road, Crawley, Sussex RH10 1ST

Robin left Redhill Technical School with 6 'O' Level GCE's and studied Basic Art at Reigate Art School in an infill year before Studying Architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic, in the heart of London.

After a year he decided that although he loved Architecture, the time lapse between concept and creation (5 years or more) was much too long for him and he managed to get enrolled on the Sculpture Course at Hammersmith and Fulham College, when it was based in Lime Grove, Shepherd’s Bush opposite the BBC TV Studios.

There he studied Clay Modelling, Wood and Stone Carving and after obtaining the National Diploma of Design in Sculpture he was accepted for a Post Graduate Year when he was able to create Welded Sculptures as well as learning how to Cast in Bronze and Aluminium.

He then taught at Comprehensive, Grammar and Art Schools, coaching students in Basic Art, Woodwork to GCSE Level, Wood-Carving and Sculpture.

He then became a Film and later a TV Make-Up Artist, a list of some of the Productions he worked on can be found here.

His experience in modelling and casting proved invaluable in producing prosthetics in foam rubber that he was fortunate to pick up from some of the leading Make-Up Artists of the time. Although he was lucky enough to work on some big productions (Bonds, the first Star Wars etc.) the work that he is actually proudest of was on a tiny Horror Production called Satan’s Slave, that he agreed to work on without any pay. He was tasked with producing a Nail File in the Eyeball of a live actor (Martin Potter).


In 1980 he saw an advert in the Sunday Times Colour Supplement for something called a "Programmable Computer ", and having always had a soft spot for modern technology, he sent of for one immediately.

The Universal Turing Machine had been conceived by Alan Turing , as far back as 1936, purely in his head! A fantastic achievement, as well as helping to win WWII, that man shaped the modern world to an unbelievable extent! We all owe him a huge debt of thanks.

Robin had heard about chess matches between Humans and “Computers”. Back then, the Grand Masters always won, but he had been impressed that the Computers could even play chess.

(The Deep Blue Computer defeated the reigning World Champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, by 3 games to 2, with one game drawn, a narrow, but historic, victory.)

So when Robin got his Sinclair ZX80

Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX80

(claimed to be the first 'programmable computer', available in the UK for under a hundred pounds) he plugged everything in according to the instructions, with his TV acting as the screen. He saw a faint flashing cursor and typed “Can you play Chess?” and waited with bated breath.

To his surprise and disappointment, the computer merely responded with “Syntax Error” ---- and he thought “Hmmm, there’s more to this than I thought!” He then started a quest to “make computers do what he  wanted them to do, not what they  wanted to do".

It still irks him to this day when his computer tries to take over, telling him he needs Administrator Approval, etc. before he can do something.

Truly bitten by the computer bug, he taught himself to program over the next decade or so and eventually took a Distance Learning Course in ‘C’ Programming from Computeach International Ltd at his own expense and passed all three sections --- one with 100%, one with Distinction and the third one with a Regular Pass

He then took the plunge and turned down an offer to work on the last couple of episodes of "Inspector Morse", having secured himself a job at SITEL Ltd in Kingston-upon-Thames supporting the fledgling Microsoft Network.

Up until just before this time, Microsoft hadn’t thought the Internet had much future, but had eventually realised their mistake and MSN was their response; this was in the very earliest days of the popularity of the Internet. Not many people even had email addresses then and that was when Robin got his first one --- he has always loved and been excited by new technology.

The Microsoft Network

He still has a Rucksack with this logo on today, which he carries with pride. It was during this time that he was given access to Microsoft Office and he began to familiarise himself with Excel in particular, delving into VBA Macros.

Security was so tight that the MSN team not only had to have an electronic card to get into the building, but once inside, another card to get into the glass walled ‘fishbowl’ where they all worked.

During his time at SITEL, Robin worked on all aspects of the MSN Support program. Including Frontline, BackOffice, Billing (with Weekly Conference calls to MS in the States), Tech Support and Team Management. It was during this period that he began to dream that one day he might have his own website.


When Microsoft eventually moved MSN Support to Ireland, whose economy was starting to boom, he then went to work for Mobile Direct in Isleworth just before the Mobile phone explosion erupted, starting initially as a Sales Team Manager and them moving on to help set up a new Customer Service Department. The Company was rather cutting edge in that the Direct part meant if you phoned in your order before 4pm you got your brand new Nokia 5190 the next day.

Nokia 5190

This was something that Robin took on board, realising it was an important part of the Company's appeal. Their Delivery Partner was a Courier Company that somehow managed to NOT deliver about 15% of all orders by the next day, which meant the Customer Service Phones were jammed with disappointed and sometimes angry Customers.

Robin did some research and made the suggestion, which was implemented, of switching distribution to Royal Mail Special Delivery, resulting in the numbers of orders not being fulfilled as promised went down dramatically to about 1.5% a drop of a magnitude.

Some orders however, were still not being fulfilled properly by the dispatching Warehouse in the Midlands and the Terms of their Contract meant that in order for Mobile Direct to lodge a Claim, many details had to be emailed to the Warehouse Management within 24 hours, an impossibly short deadline given the various disparate sources of all the details, Customer, Phone, Order etc.

After talking to the IT Department about how to access some Data from the company’s Mainframe Computer, Robin took it upon himself to create an Excel Macro, which he called ClaimIt, that at the click of a button collated all the info from all the orders logged as unfulfilled and even emailed the warehouse with the Claims, saving the Company an estimated £40,000 a year. After a few years, the Mobile bubble burst when Supermarkets began stacking mobiles high and selling then at low prices.


After a few months on the dole and temping in the Honda Post Room and a Car Leasing Company called LeasePlan in Slough, Robin landed a full-time job at LeasePlan UK. It was a reputable Company that provided Cars to Company Car Drivers, many of them working for Blue Chip Companies.

While Robin worked there, as well as many Industry Awards from Fleet News, etc. LeasePlan UK was also voted (solely by their own Employees, in secret) as Number 22 In the The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For .

More recently it has been awarded the Top Employers UK 2016 certification, by the Top Employers Institute, following the same award for the previous consecutive five years.

He got the job on the strength of his Excel skills; his first Manager was looking for a way of automating the management of the Compaq Account. At the time the country was in the middle of a Recession and the Compaq Computers Company (later taken over by Hewlett Packard) had ceased supplying their Driver’s with New Leased Vehicles, they just recycled the existing ones up until they came to the end of their Leased life and were sold off at hotly contested Auctions. The cars were in demand because of LeasePlan’s excellent reputation for maintaining their vehicles well and regularly.

The available Compaq Cars were held in a nearby Car Pool; a Driver would call the Compaq Agent at LeasePlan and ask for a Test Drive of a particular vehicle. The Agent would email the Security at the Car pool who would release the car for a couple of days to the Driver, who would then decide to take it or return it and try another.

The problem was in keeping the Available List up-to date. Robin solved this by creating a couple of spreadsheets with macros that enabled instant updating the minute a Driver booked a Test Drive or took a Car. So if a Driver called up and asked for the Available List one was emailed to him straight away, guaranteed to contain only accurate, up-to-the minute information.

Lucy, his first Manager at LeasePlan was suitably impressed and gave him a a mug

Mug From Lucy

He doesn’t think of himself as a Genius of course, but will always remember her with affection and her lovely, confidence-boosting gesture.

When Hewlett-Packard took over Compaq Computers, Robin was recruited by Maria, a Senior Manager, to help her make adjustments to the HP Account and he then joined her newly-formed Data Management Team, a tight-knit and highly motivated group of five individuals.

During the next eight years or so in the Team Robin used IBMs powerful Business Intelligence Cognos Software to filter meaningful Info from mountains of Data. He spent an entire day working one-to-one with Director Matt, using his VLookUp skills to manipulate large spreadsheets of data to gradually filter out the Information that Matt needed.

He also created dozens of bespoke Macros, some at Senior Managers’ and Directors’ Requests. One of the most ubiquitous was KPIs --- Key Performance Indicators.


Every week, Team Managers would fill in one of Robin’s Spreadsheets with current data relating to their Team’s Performance, such as Average Number of Seconds to Answer Phone Calls (yes seconds --- LeasePlan was a Company of highly-motivated individuals), Number of Queries Outstanding Under 24 hours, Number of Queries Outstanding Over 24 hours, etc.


They were scored on criteria agreed between the Managers themselves, their Senior Manager and Robin. The spreadsheet coloured the results with Traffic Light Colours i.e. Phones Answered on Average by All Team Members over the Whole Week in under 5 seconds was coloured Green. 5 to 10 seconds Amber and over 10 seconds was coloured in Red.

At the end of the week the Senior Managers would click a button on their own spreadsheets and within seconds they would have two summaries, one of all their Teams’ Performances side by side for that week and secondly an ongoing record of each of their Teams’ individual Performances ongoing week by week throughout the year.

This, of course, enabled the Senior Managers to keep a weather eye on their Teams’ Functioning at a glance – if one Team had a flurry of Reds whereas all the others had greens and a few Ambers the Senior Manager would ask themselves the question Why?

If the answer wasn't self-evident, such as that Team were under-staffed, it would be discussed at the Weekly Meetings between the Senior the Individual Managers.

Robin is a firm believer in the creative and intuitive use of statistics in Management.


During his time at LP Robin was privileged to have received Training and Experience in first-class Customer Service as espoused by Mary Gober, the essence of which is to be upbeat, (words like ‘can’t’ and ‘unfortunately’ are to be avoided because they are both negative — even ‘no problem!’, if you think about it is a combination of two negatives.

One tenet is a Positive First Response, so when Robin recently asked in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gardens at Wisley Plant Shop if there was a toilet in the building he was told ‘No there isn’t, but there is one next door’. This may seem fine at first because the responder was telling the truth and answering his direct question.

But how much better would it have been if the negative part of the response was implied by omission, with something like ‘If you go out that door and turn left, there is one straight ahead of you!’.

Mary Gober’s Customer Service Philosophy has been statistically proven to have all sorts of benefits on Staff Morale, Reduced Staff Turnover, More Satisfied Customers as well as Increased Sales.

Robin is also a firm believer in positive Customer Service and SMS's Motto is "Treat the Customer in every way as you would hope to be treated yourself"


For Relaxation, Robin enjoys photography, Cooking. Making Excel Macros, some Gardening and DJ-ing online five days a week as DJ Nibz.

You can listen to him at Muddy’s Music Café Radio three mornings a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 am to 10 am, where he spins Top 40 tunes from right now to way back. Please note that although the stream is Live, the DJ name at the top is NOT accurate.


Robin can be contacted at info@seemysoul.co.uk or robin@seemysoul.co.uk



Mayur is the CEO of Significant Technolabs, a company that specialize in offering excellent web design & development services.

Mayur had vaguely heard the term ‘Computer’ when he was a little kid, but he thought they were ‘something to do with Banks.’

It was only when he was in his 8th Standard at Secondary School, aged 13 years, that he actually saw one.  

He had heard a bit about them from reading magazines with his Cousin, but he still had no clear idea of their capabilities. So, his initial reaction, on seeing one in *in the flesh, as it were, was ‘Well, what can it do?’ 

When his Teacher showed him the Microsoft Paint app, he was amazed and excited by the colours available and when he was shown how it was possible to control the computer, in this case with the LOGO Programming Language, he was completely blown away!

LOGO Graphics uses the concept of a ‘turtle’ as a cursor, so that kids can identify with it.

For example, to make the turtle draw a square the child would tell the it to take say

3 steps forward, turn left,

take 3 steps forward again, turn left again,

another 3 steps forward and another turn left

and lastly another 3 steps forward and another turn left

and a square has been drawn.

A Diagram Showing a Turtle Drawing a Square Graphically

The kid might find this easier to relate to initially than


So, by the time he was 17 years old and left school, Mayur had become so enamoured with computers that he decided to go to Uni to study them and enrolled at Saurashtra Uni to study to become a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications).

His studies were helped by his father, who showed his faith in his son’s abilities by paying for his very own second-hand ACER P4 Desktop Computer, with a Cathode-Ray Tube Monitor, when he was 19. It had an 80GB Hard Disk and just 256MB of RAM.

An Acer P4 Desktop Computer with a Cathode-Ray Tube Monitor 

This helped Mayur a lot, by allowing him to develop his practical assignments of BCA subjects, such as Computer Graphics, Programming Languages, Database Management, Systems Analysis and Word Processing.

He achieved his Bachelorship, aged 20, which he passed with a Second-Class Degree in 2009.  

Spurred on by this success, he decided to go for broke and applied to study for a MCA (Master’s Degree in Computer Applications) at Gujarat Technological University.

There he studied subjects such as Application Software, Hardware Technology, Management Information Systems, Software and Systems Development, Systems Engineering and Troubleshooting and managed to achieve a First-Class MCA Degree in 2012.

The course had introduced him to a wide range of different computer applications and languages, which has stood him in very good stead since he plunged into the world of commerce.  

He then left Uni with his Master’s Degree and very wisely decided to cut his teeth working for a Software Development Company for two-and- half-years before spreading his wings and setting up his own business in Bespoke Computer Software Design in 2015.

Since then he has worked on several different store platforms for Clients, including WordPress, PHP, HTML5 and jQuery.

After trying several different business names, he settled on Significant Technolabs.

It was in 2015 that Robin first contacted him for help in developing SMS and they have become close friends as well as business colleagues ever since.

SMS is the first, but no doubt not the last, Shopify Store Platform that Mayur has worked on and he is pleased and proud, that through making functionality and design suggestions, he has made Robin’s e-commerce dream come true.

It is his pleasure to be a part of this store as its Technical Director.


Since Setting up his own Company, Mayur has helped Design and Develop a number of commercial websites, including

A Beauty Shop Beauty Monks

A Lighting Controls Shop, who are passionate about LEDS moodLED

A Cool Women’s Fashion Shop Xanas Boutique

A Seller of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Gear MMA Warehouse

A Martial Arts and Sports Shop Kinji San

You can get in touch with him at contact@significanttechnolabs.com or mayur.fuletra@gmail.com



We sell LED Lit Mirrors because of Robin's quarter of a century experience of gazing critically into Make-Up Mirrors, in a high-powered business, where because the freelance nature of the work, you can't afford to make mistakes if you hope to survive.

Robin loves new technology and is an inveterate 'early adopter'. He sees LEDS as the sustainable future, being as revolutionary in lighting terms as the Transistor was to radio, back in the sixties.

So for him, the combination of mirrors, with LED lighting is irresistible. He scoured the websites for a variety of Suppliers all of whom offer great products at good-value-for-money prices.

Despite several setbacks he persevered and has currently secured the services of five different Suppliers all of whom are committed to offering Next Day Delivery to Mainland UK.

This diversity of Suppliers does incur differing Order Cut-Off times and some variation in Delivery and Order Tracking Policies, but we firmly believe this is a small inconvenience to pay for the wide range of great value mirrors we are able to offer.


Instagram @See My Soul

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