GUYS: Want to Cut Your Shaving Time by a Third? May 19, 2017 12:06

If you answer is Yes! – and why wouldn’t it be? Does anyone actually enjoythe time you spend shaving every day? Then Read On!

Give this little beauty of a product a try

Shaving oil

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It comes in a handy little18 cm (4”) manual (i.e. environmentally friendly) spray can.

Nuage men shaving oil

You wet your beard area with a hot flannel, spray two or three squirts of NM Men Shaving Oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply it to your beard area.

Then --- shave as normal! I use a Remington Rotary Razor

Rotary Razor

but if you prefer a naked blade you then apply your shaving foam as normal, after the NM Shaving Oil.

I found, that instead of taking the normal 15 minutes plus to get a decently close shave, I was done and dusted in just 10!

Now, maybe I am an exception, but being just an ordinary guy I very much doubt it. So, I’d really like your help.

I can get a can to you in three days for £3 or you can get one from Sainsbury’s or Asda for just £1.

After using the Nuage Shaving Oil, my face and neck felt smooth and not at all itchy, so I didn’t feel obliged to immediately douse myself in my Paco Rabanne Aftershave as I normally do, because I have sensitive skin and without aftershave I find I am constantly itching and scratching, which is not good!

Paco Rabanne

I normally take the shaving head off of my razor every day, run it under the tap, then rinse it with the motor running for 10 or 15 secs in Philips Jet Cleaner.

Jet Clean Solution

A quick rinse under the tap again, pat it dry on a towel and pop it back into its charging cradle. This is good practice, I believe and will prolong the life of your blades.

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