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About See My Soul

Here at See My Soul we are completely COMMITTED to treating YOU, our customer, EXACTLY as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Our headline prices are just what you pay, no more, unless of course they are on Special Offer – in which case you pay LESS!

Even if you RETURN your mirror for EXCHANGE or REFUND within 14 days, or for REPAIR or EXCHANGE (at our discretion) within the stated 52 weeks, provided you contact us for instructions first, the RETURN will not cost you a penny!

All our mirrors, whether they be vanity, battery operated, used for your makeup or facial hair grooming or are simply your bathroom mirror, they are all illuminated with LED light.

These LED bulbs are super-efficient, they only use a tenth of the electricity of old-fashioned bulbs so they will save you money on your energy bills. They also last not weeks or months, but years --- decades even, so a further cost-saving there. As an added bonus, they produce virtually no heat, so no chance of getting burnt if you accidentally brush against them, so what’s not to like about them?

Our bathroom speakers are showerproof and connect to your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet seamlessly, without any wires, by Bluetooth Technology.

Choose between the timeless beauty and star-like effect of the classic LED look, or the chic, sleek look of our minimalist LED Mirrors, to give your bathroom a quick update and bring it firmly into the 21st Century.

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